Background Noise 2 Sleep TOO! Giancarlo Interview. is my website. You can find links to social media and sometimes (this episode) photos. 73!

We used for questions and TERRIBLE failure of recording. Good thing I recoded separately on my equipment.

My test advertisment we talked about.
End Interview photos

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Amateur Radio and Why You Should Join Your Local Club

ARRL Field Day 2018 Rules:

WTOP News Article:

HAM Origin

73 Origin:

Amateur Look Up:

Local News About Field Day: They said his callsign wrong

ARRL Awards:

Field Day Photos I found:

TS-2000 Kenwood (right) Yaesu FTM 100 or 400 (left)

K7JRP (left) and I’m not sure. Operating Field Day 2018



W0HVA and Myself, N0TMY

My QSL Card and who I hired to do Mine:

Guy From iTunes. His name is Michael Burnette, AF7KB

If you can’t see the images, you can see them on the website

Anthony Davenport-Author of Your Score: An Insider’s Secrets to Understanding, Controlling, and Protecting Your Credit Score

Interview with Anthony Davenport about his book that came out, in January, 2018. Your Score: An Insiders Secrets  to Understanding, Controlling, and Protecting Your Credit Score

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Music For This Episode was Created by Garage Band Loops.

This was my first interview and I was very nervous. Other then my, “playing around with new equipment”, this is technically my first recording as well. Hope you enjoy!

I’m a one man operation and still learning this whole website, webhost, media host and on and on, stuff.

Listen to the interview on YouTube below.

The beginning… Trail Of Liberty with Red Culver Launch!

 If we all start on our own trail, we can eventually meet up with other people’s trails. Our trails to roads, roads to highways. We can’t fix society issues until we start with ourselves. Our trail. Trail Of Liberty!

 I hope this trail I’m starting becomes an educational, informative show. I’m working on getting a better (Digital Audio Workstation) DAW. Hopefully the audio isn’t too terrible on your ears.

 God Bless